The Women’s Sport Trust has launched an ‘Invitation to Tender’ process in order to recruit a research partner.  As women’s sport continues to gain momentum, the charity wants to obtain a deeper understanding of the impact of female athletes and teams.

Despite there being anecdotal evidence to support the benefits of having more visible sportswomen, particularly with the growth in the profile of women’s sport, this has not yet been backed up by compelling, current research.

The project will specifically look at ‘Understanding how leading female athletes and teams in the UK are being made visible, and the impact this is having on the people who see them’.

CEO and Co-Founder of The Women’s Sport Trust, Tammy Parlour, says, “This research will be invaluable for the women’s sport industry.

“Previously there has been a lack of data to substantiate the many positives we feel can come from providing more diverse sporting role-models.

“We are looking forward to working with our new research partner to really understand this subject in better detail.”

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the tender document please e-mail

The closing date for responses to the tender is 1st June 2020