Women's Sport Trust

Charity Number 1153429

Making women’s sport visible, viable and unstoppable. 

Our Mission Statement

Sport is one of the most important public arenas we have – which means that sport has a responsibility to reflect the best version of society.

We want an industry with strong allyship that actively demonstrates that it values women and girls; where strong, diverse female role models are highly visible; and where systems enable diverse talent to get access, opportunity, development and profile. 

We take the actions necessary to establish a women’s sport ecosystem that is bold, unapologetic and independently successful on its own terms. We want women’s sport to grow diverse audiences, attract brands based on its distinctive appeal, be fully representative of women and girls in our society and align purpose and profit.

The Women’s Sport Trust was founded in 2012 after the London Olympics and Paralympics. 

"WST are powerful advocates for change.”

Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE, DL

Monitoring the Landscape

We build an evidence based picture of growth patterns and obstacles and use this as a catalyst for development.

Thought Leadership

We are constructively disruptive. We encourage an inclusive and imaginative vision of what's possible and then make it a reality.

Provocative Glue

We bring together influencers from across sport, business and media. We amplify what's working, exchange ideas and stimulate action.

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