Getty Images & Women’s Sport Trust Partnership

Getty Images, a world leader in visual communications partnered with Women’s Sport Trust last year to launch an innovative campaign which would increase the visibility of female athletes and women’s sports, whilst also challenging the way in which female athletes are portrayed in imagery.

Read what producers, athletes, leaders and consumers said about women’s sport imagery – our insight to action is available to download here.

Free imagery for schools and not-for-profits

Focused on the realistic and aspirational representation of sportswomen and girls, the partnership launched with a powerful ‘Best of Women’s Sports’ editorial curation featuring the world’s top sportswomen in action.

These images are available free of charge to schools, universities, and not-for profit organisations to promote the powerful depiction of women and girls in sports to the broadest audience possible.

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Once registered you’ll be able to download hi-res images by accessing this link

Improving the way sports women are depicted

Designed to inspire and educate people while breaking down limiting gender stereotypes, the forthcoming creative collection will develop fresh, relevant, and aspirational imagery depicting sporting females, informed by a set of guidelines which both the Women’s Sport Trust and Getty Images hope will become an industry standard.

These guidelines were drafted by Getty Images and Women’s Sport Trust and refined with a live audience at an event hosted by the BBC as part of Women’s Sport Week in October 2016. Getty Images and WST are actively promoting the guidelines in the media and sending them to over 200,000 professional photographers.

More female photographers

Getty and WST are also collaborating to provide paid internships for two up and coming female photographers. Find out more about their journey here.