WST Co-Founders Tammy Parlour and Jo Bostock Awarded MBEs

We’re incredibly proud to announce that our co-founders, Tammy Parlour and Jo Bostock, have been awarded MBEs in the New Year 2019 Honours List for services to gender equality in sport.

Tammy and Jo founded the Women’s Sport Trust (WST) in 2012 following the London Olympics and Paralympics, with the ambition of making women’s sport more visible, viable and unstoppable.

Through WST, they have created multiple platforms to showcase female role models in sport.  They have openly challenged standard notions about how success looks, who sport is for and the role of women and girls – both on and off the playing field. They are known for running powerful events, campaigns and media initiatives including working with Getty Images on creating visual standards for photographing female athletes, their annual awards, a Sky Sports #ShowUp spectatorship campaign and most recently a collaboration with England Hockey and Nielsen Sports to release data that showed the scale of the UK women’s sport market.

Tammy & Jo have brought a sense a fun and irreverence to all their activities, along with a belief in the immense untapped potential of women’s sport. They have focused on amplifying, connecting and stimulating influencers from across sport, business and media. They have encouraged a more inclusive and imaginative vision of what’s possible – and then worked with partners to make that vision into a reality. Through this, they have seen how compelling sportspeople, playing great sport can cut through the noise and enable women’s sport to get the profile it deserves.

Whilst they are excited about the progress made – their current focus is on mainstreaming women’s sport so that it is seamlessly woven into media schedules, thoroughly accessible throughout the year and an integral part of brand’s investment portfolios.  Women’s sport needs to simply become part of the sporting fabric.

They look forward to continuing to work with WST to make this a sustainable reality.

“Tammy and Jo have been ground-breaking in pushing women’s sport into new and exciting territory.  They have led the charge and are an absolute inspiration to me and many others.”
Kate Richardson-Walsh OBE – Olympic Gold Medallist

Commenting on their awards, Jo Bostock said, “It’s been the hardest and best thing we’ve ever done. We genuinely believe that women’s sport has the power to stimulate social change and greater equality. It’s been an absolute privilege to be part of something like WST and to get to work with so many great people to help make that change happen.”

Tammy Parlour added, “Most of all we’d like to thank the athletes who have been such an integral part of this from the start. In particular, we’re very grateful to our patrons (Anna Watkins MBE, Kate Richardson-Walsh OBE, Kelly Smith MBE, Sophie Christiansen CBE and Maggie Alphonsi MBE) who took a leap of faith in backing an entirely unproven idea and actively helped to shape its success and direction. We’d also like to thank a phenomenal board of trustees who bring their talents and expertise to ensure that WST gets the reach and impact that is so fundamental to its success.”