Why would a business bother to sponsor women’s sport?

MSFT_logo_rgb_C-Gray_DMicrosoft speak out about the value of investing in talent, the links between business and sport and why inclusion matters.  They also describe why they decided to commit to being the headline sponsor of the #BeAGameChanger Awards for three years.

Microsoft UK is delighted to support the work of the Women’s Sport Trust and to be the headline sponsor for the #BeAGameChanger Awards. Like the WST, they recognises the importance of a fully Diverse and Inclusive approach, and supports the strong linkage between Business and Sport as enablers for individuals to be the best they can be.

Human Resources Director, Theresa McHenry, is a member of the UK’s Senior Leadership Team and highlights the organisation’s commitment to the Women’s Sport Trust: “At Microsoft we are passionate about the development and support of female role models, and these Awards reflect the outstanding contributions of individuals and organisations to make a positive change.”

In addition to Theresa, a second member of the SLT will attend the Awards to underline the importance of the organisation’s investment in an Inclusive Leadership culture and approach that closely aligns with the work of WST. Dr Mark Loughran is the UK General Manager of the Consumer Channels Group Business. He is passionate about how individuals, a diverse workforce and technology can change lives as well as revolutionise whole industries and even countries.

Theresa, Mark and Microsoft recognise that taking proactive action matters, and that making a change is a personal, as well as an organisational, commitment. Which is why Microsoft is delighted to be the headline sponsor for the Women’s Sport Trust’s game-changing Awards.