The Most Popular Mixed Zone Articles of 2015

As we prepare to close the door on 2015, Women’s Sport Trust looks at the most popular articles we published on the Mixed Zone over the past 12 months – as clicked on by you, the fans of women’s sport.

So, with the largest number of page views first, here’s the top 5…

We recognize that articles we published earlier in the year are more likely to make the list than later ones.

 1.  ‘I Feel Sheer Disgust At What Had Been Allowed To Happen’ – by Lisa Dobriskey

A leak of data from the IAAF, the athletics world governing body, showed that one third of medals in endurance races at Olympic Games and World Championships over a ten-year period from 2001 to 2012 were won by athletes with suspicious blood readings or by athletes who were likely to have used doping.

There were many responses, from shock and horror to the weaselly hunt for a get-out clause. But what is it like for a clean athlete in the thick of the cheating? Lisa Dobriskey, former 1500m Commonwealth champion and 2009 World silver medallist, training in Arizona for the Rio Olympics, explains to The Mixed Zone exactly how it feels. Read more here. 

2.  “I Am A Strong Athletic Woman – I Choose This Way.” – by Hannah Macleod

I am a strong and athletic woman, which for some reason gives people the right to cast their stereotypical judgements as I walk down the street. They don’t know me, what I do or how hard I work. I am world class. I am an Olympian. If I come across as arrogant, you have mistaken me. I am just resilient, hard working, respectful and damn right driven.

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3.  How dogged determination and belief won gold – by Hannah Macleod

European champions. Wow. It really hasn’t sunk in yet. The last thing I remember, we were two goals down, under the pump the whole match and with eight minutes left on the clock.

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4.  ‘Sometimes You Just Don’t Know How Strong You Are’ – Laura Bassett talks to Joe Gleave

The rain hammered down but still Laura Bassett didn’t bother to shelter under a proffered umbrella. “What’s the point,” she said, wiping rivulets of water out of her eyes, “I’m wet through as it is.” Not so long ago it was tears of horrified disappointment – viewed by millions – she was wiping out of her eyes after that accidental own goal at the World Cup finals. It ended the Lionesses’ tilt for the trophy and, rather wonderfully, began the international stardom of Bassett of Notts County, England and redoubtable stuff. Continue reading here.

5.  The women who embrace all-for-one ethos – by Megan Joyce

England Hockey are the ultimate team. They know what it takes to turn a negative into a positive, how to snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat and, more importantly, they fight for one another when the road becomes rocky.

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