Events and athlete appearences

There has never been a better time to be visibly associated with women’s sport….

Active support of women’s sport provides your business with a highly engaging way of proving that you are serious about inclusion, serious about the talent in your organisation and serious about reaching diverse markets.  The compelling stories of athlete role models can help to connect your values with the audiences you want to reach.

Work with leading charity the Women’s Sport Trust to leverage the power of female athletes in bringing to life business relevant topics such as:

  • What does in mean to be a female role model and how do you use your influence?
  • What are the barriers and opportunities that affect women in sport and the workplace?
  • What does it mean in practice to run high performance teams?

We work with a diverse range of athletes with varied personalities, attributes, insights and experiences – so we can select the individual/s who will be best placed to speak to your audience and areas of interest.

Within our network are some of the best know athletes in the country – and others who should be household names. We work across the sporting spectrum from cyclists, snowboarders and rugby players through to cricketers, climbers and downhill mountain bikers. Our athletes encompass leading Paralympians, National Captains, World Champions and Olympic medalists through to bright emerging talent. Each has a rich story, vivid behind the scenes anecdotes and a willingness to be candid about what they have learnt from being an elite sportswoman.

Speaker Options

Standard Speaker engagement 

  • Initial briefing with WST leading to selection of ‘best-fit’ athlete speaker.
  • You design and run the event – including logistics and briefing the athlete.

Designed Speaker event 

  • WST to provide a top leadership consultant who will design, deliver and compere a high value inclusion event that uses women’s sport to focus on one of your organisational priorities.
  • WST to help select and then brief an appropriate elite athlete as a speaker.
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