Women’s Sport Trust supporters make a difference by showing up.

sport crowdIf we want to see more women’s sport – in the papers, online and on television – then we have to prove that we will watch it.  We have to actually show up.

This means going to events and proving to journalists, programmers and also corporate sponsors that the appetite for women’s sport is very real. As Sue Tibballs, Chief Executive of the WSFF, recently said “sponsorship follows the eyeballs” – we need to bring our eyeballs to the game!

There are some great ways to keep updated on upcoming women’s sporting events – in particular Sportsister and WsNET.

We will be highlighting a few “Show ups” on our website throughout the year.  Someone from the Women’s Sport Trust will always be there and will provide a meeting point so you can connect with other supporters.  Why not join us?  Come and exercise your influence just by showing up. Should be fun too….

Find out about our first ‘Show Up’ here.

One thought on “Women’s Sport Trust supporters make a difference by showing up.

  • 07/01/2013 at 7:50 am

    Totally agree . . . we can’t just hold conferences and seminars and make resolutions – we need to enjoy sport/fitness for our own reasons and just get on doing it, watching it and promoting it.

    Promoting events and news is really important – unless we are proud of our sport and value it (AND charge to watch it!) – commercial sponsors, agents, ticketeers etc will not be interested.

    i If you saw England Netball’s FASTNET series this weekend – (Sponsored by Cathedral City Cheese) – you saw best practice NGB marketing, development promotion of women’s sport! How can we spread this to other sports?

    WSNet.co.uk publishes a weekly list of women’s Sport on TV – http://www.wsnet.co.uk/#WSN-TV – great – but talk to the sports channels and nobody can tell you what sport women want to watch on TV – or even define what ‘Women’s sport on TV’ is!!

    So yes we must turn up, sign up and also use social media to make women’s sport more pervasive. BTW here’s an interesting article in the Indy on women sport on TV – http://tinyurl.com/c55fob5

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