#BeAGameChanger Awards 2015


The Women’s Sport Trust #BeAGameChanger Awards recognise those individuals and organisations doing the most to progress women’s sport. 

Nominations and Awards Categories

The Awards are designed to encourage action by highlighting best practice, connecting decision makers with one another and raising the profile of women’s sport. The Awards will take place on May 14th 2015 on London’s South Bank.

The nomination process is now closed. Submissions are currently being reviewed, and finalists will be selected by our expert panel on March 13th 2015. Public voting will open on 7 April 2015.

view the shortlistSporting Role Model/s  

thegym-logoAn elite athlete or team who has used their influence to raise the visibility and increase the impact of women’s sport.  More people value, participate in, watch and support women’s sport because of them.

This award has been kindly sponsored by The Gym Group.

view the shortlistAmbassador of Women’s Sport

MATRIX_LOGO plainA leading figure who has achieved real, significant and lasting change for women’s sport.  This person is a game-changing decision maker and/or influencer who has improved the way in which women’s sport works.

This award has been kindly sponsored by Matrix Fitness.

view the shortlistInspiring Initiative

A project, campaign or enterprise that proves how irresistible women’s sport can be. An initiative that inspires others to value, engage in, watch and support women’s sport.

view the shortlistInspiring Participation

A project, campaign or enterprise that inspires women and girls to get physically involved in sport themselves. More people actively participate in sport because of this compelling initiative.

view the shortlistMedia Organisation of the Year

30perecentclub_PPThe organisation that has had the greatest impact on increasing the quality, range and visibility of media coverage relating to women’s sport.  They have set an example in establishing women’s sport as a valuable media proposition.

This award has been kindly sponsored by 30 Percent Club

view the shortlistJournalist of the Year

Awarded to the individual journalist responsible for the most compelling coverage of women’s sport throughout the year.  The quality of their journalism has helped to raise the profile and credibility of women’s sport in the UK.

view the shortlistImagery of the Year

KPMGThe photograph/s, film or visual campaign that most brilliantly represents women and / or girls in sport.  The image/s showcase what women and girls are capable of and help to challenge stereotypes.

This award has been kindly sponsored by KPMG.

view the shortlistLSponsorship of the Year

A partnership between sport and business that has resulted in the most exciting new sponsorship in women’s sport.  This Award recognises the vital role of sponsorship in raising the profile and increasing the impact of women’s sport.

This award has been kindly sponsored by activbod.